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Undulation Break is no longer available. For more information about how undulation can relieve the stiffness of sitting at a desk all day visit http://anitahellerworker.com/nundulation.htm, where you can also and download the free e-book 7 Undulations to Relieve Office Tension.

In 2 minutes, you’ll feel better.

Relieve the strain and tension of sitting at a computer with Undulation Break™, a new software program that reminds you to move and shows you how to stretch away stiffness.


"I can't wait for the next Undulation Break. Most clever of the "take an exercise break" that I've seen. I like how you can make your favorite undulations play more often. So nice after I've been at the computer for a while."

--Staffan Elgelid, PT, PhD, Professor, Nazareth College


Sitting at a computer for multiple hours can gradually induce stiffness, soreness, and tension in your body, as well as drain your energy, creativity, and productivity. Undulation Break relieves these negative effects and guards against repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) by periodically breaking you out of the inactive computer posture that causes them.


Through an accessible and easily customized interface, Undulation Break sends you simple yet effective exercises accompanied by soothing music and breathing patterns. Think of it as taking a pit stop; after just a couple minutes of movement, you can resume your work with greater vitality and physical comfort.


This program includes many features, such as

  • A user-friendly customization menu that allows you to alter the frequency of undulation breaks, the number of exercises per break, the music that plays during breaks, and many other options.

  • Video demonstrations and written instructions for the various exercises.

  • 22 undulation exercises, 16 relaxing music tracks, and 20 undulation strategies to choose from.

  • Easy-to-use menu that allows you to delay or skip a break.

  • A visible countdown window that shows you how close you are to your next set of stretches.

  • Information on positive ergonomic and undulation practices that will help you maximize your effectiveness and comfort while using a computer.

  • An optional Smart Timer function, which stops the countdown to your next break while you are away from the computer.

  • Simple, speedy installation and setup.

  • An interface that operates independently in the background until your next set of undulations.

After just a few undulation sets, you’ll notice stress and soreness melting away from your back, neck, and wrists, the areas hit hardest by prolonged computer use.

You can customize Undulation Break™ to target parts of your body. If your upper back and shoulders bother you the most, you can limit the program to the undulations that target those areas or you can include those undulations more often. The same is true for neck pain, low back pain, and hand and wrists including carpal tunnel syndrome. There are even undulations that are most effective at reducing stress. Learn how to customize the program here.


For Windows 7, Vista, XP, ME, 2000, NT, 98, 95

(Mac version in process, please contact us for more details) 

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about the program

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