Important Notice:

Undulation Break is no longer available. For more information about how undulation can relieve the stiffness of sitting at a desk all day visit http://anitahellerworker.com/nundulation.htm, where you can also and download the free e-book 7 Undulations to Relieve Office Tension.

Users can easily customize the program.
  Simply click the “Options” button when the program is running. 
This is where you can choose how often the program pops up and how many undulations play per break. 
Also use this screen to change the music and reminders at the end of each undulation break. 
There are 15 music tracks and 20 after break Messages included in the program.

Each time the program pops up, you have the choice to Begin the Undulations, Cancel this Undulation, or Delay for 1 Minute or for 5.

If you don’t click Begin Undulations within 60 seconds, the program will wait until the next break.

There are 22 undulation videos included.
  Users can change the order of undulations, add some in more often and take some out.

Contact Information: anita@anitahellerworker.com  425-765-2713


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